Chris Hedges: NDAA Lawsuit Update

Sierra Adamson interviews Chris Hedges at the hearing for the second court of appeals in the Hedges v Obama NDAA lawsuit. Hedges explains what has happened in the lawsuit to date, the next steps and what he sees in America’s upcoming future.

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Daniel Ellsberg on the NDAA Lawsuit

Daniel Ellsberg speaks at the press conference after the hearing for the second circuit court of appeals in the NDAA lawsuit, Hedges v Obama. He speaks about what is happening in the lawsuit, the erosion of the Bill of Rights and Bradley Manning.

Daniel Ellsberg is a former United States military analyst turned whistleblower, most known for publishing the Pentagon Papers.

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Guerrilla Blog Dispatch – January 8, 2012

Global Hawk

The US Drone War in Pakistan Is Back

Drones Cause ‘Visceral Resentment’ Toward America

Renewing FISA & NDAA Under Cover of Fiscal Cliff Debates

Surveillance Court Orders Prove Hard to Declassify

Obama Nominates Hagel for Pentagon & Brennan for CIA

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – January 3, 2013


CIA’s Shadowy Military Wing Highlight Troubling Shift To Militancy

President Obama Signs $633 Billion Defense Bill

Pentagon Welcomes Fiscal Deal But Warns Against Cuts

Pakistan Says US Drones Kill Senior Taliban Figure

IAF Award Training and Drone Contracts to Elbit Systems

Image: Lance Page / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: public domain / Wikimedia