Drums Beat for US Military Intervention in Syria

The humanitarian disaster in Syria is mostly ignored as external powers vie for position to control outcome of civil war.


Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – May 15, 2013

Hit the Ground

Afghans Claim to Have Video of US Special Forces Guy Torturing Civilians

New Congressional Sanctions Push Aimed at Killing Iran Diplomacy

Pentagon Grapples With Sex Crimes by Military Recruiters

Army Backs Battlefield Network Despite Budget Shift

Feds Won’t Say if NSA Surveilled New York Terror Suspects

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – May 10, 2013

Computer Center

Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform

Senate Confirms Chair of Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Top Contractors Increased Business With Federal Government in 2012

Navy Leaders Try to Rescue LCS From Its Own Report

Pressure Building to Address Military Sexual Assault in Defense Bill

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – May 7, 2013


Number Of Names In Terror Database Increases by Over 300,000 In 5 Years

Soldiers Sent Back Into Combat After Concussion Suffer Consequences Years Later

Former Detainee Talks Of Desperation In Guantanamo Bay

Government Auditor Challenges White House Account of Afghanistan Security

Iraqi Officials Fear Full Blown Civil War