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Photo: Kabul, Afghanistan. An Afghan soldier stands guard at the presidential palace on June 25th following a Taliban attack. Shah Merai/AFP/Getty


US Drug War Overflows Latin America

The war on drugs is expanding: in Latin America, the US military is kicking up combat in the most expensive initiative in the region since the Cold War. Victor Silverman of Pomona College joins us to break it down.

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – February 21, 2013


Senator Lists the Death Toll From U.S. Drones at 4,700 People

DHS Working Group to Consider Privacy Impact of Drones

China Now Considering Drone Strikes in Its Drug War

China Drone Threat Highlights New Global Arms Race

FBI File on Aaron Swartz Reveals Physical Surveillance

Photo: Lynx helicopter lands at FOB Minden at forward operating base close to the Shalamcheh land border crossing at the Iraq-Iran border. (Photo by world_armies)

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – January 11, 2013

Mobility Exercise

US Military Ordered to Prepare for Fiscal Perfect Storm

US Now Targeting Mexican Drug Lord’s Family

Government Unable to Define ‘Homeland Security’

Judge Rejects Obama Administration Ploy To Dismiss Lawsuit With Secret Evidence

New Details About Guantanamo Prisoner’s Death Begin to Surface

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Blackwater Becomes New Landlord in Afghanistan for US Special Forces

In Kabul, Afghanistan, a new compound will house hundreds of US Special Operations forces. The facility known as Camp Integrity is run by the company Academi which was formerly known as Blackwater. The company which received heavy criticism for its role in an Iraqi massacre continues to get millions in no bid contracts. Michael O’Brien, author of “America’s Failure in Iraq,” gives us his take on the role of military contractors.