Bradley Manning Trial Begins After Three Years of Waiting

More than three years after Private first class Bradley Manning was arrested for his involvement in one of the largest classified information leaks in history, he had his first day in court on Monday. The 25 year-old soldier is facing 22 charges including espionage and aiding the enemy. If convicted for his role in sharing military files with the website WikiLeaks, Pfc Manning could be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. RT’s Andrew Blake has more on the story from Ft. Meade, Maryland, where the court-martial began Monday morning.


Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – June 3, 2013

Bradley Manning

US Soldier Faces Trial Over WikiLeaks Disclosures

US Drones Kill Eight AQAP Fighters in Yemen Strike

Task Force to Study Drone Use in Counter Terrorism Operations

NSA Hacking Unit Targets Computers Worldwide

Amid Sequester, US Defense Stocks Still Surge

Photo: Army PCF Bradley Manning and accused WikiLeaks source.

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – May 24, 2013


Obama Sees Narrower Terror Threat, Defends Drones

Congressman Preps Bill to End Terror War Authority

Obama Lifts Ban on Guantanamo Transfers to Yemen

US Missile Defense Still Plagued by Technical Doubts

UN Investigator Seeks World Moratorium on Killer Robots

Photo: President Barack Obama holds a National Security Council meeting in the Situation Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Guerrilla Blog – May 17, 2013


Bill Would Require Lawmakers Be Told of Kill or Capture Missions

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Requiring Court Order to Seize Phone Records

Terrorist Entered Witness Protection, Then Fled the United States

Lawmakers Press Pentagon to Fund Battlefield Network

Carrier-Based Unmanned Jet Launch Set to Open New Markets


Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – May 16, 2013

A Free Syrian Army fighter sits on a sofa inside a house in Deir al-Zor

Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Arm Syrian Rebels

Navy Launches Unmanned Aircraft From Carrier

Hagel Announces Unpaid Leave for Pentagon Civilians

Defense Employees Lose 20 Percent of Pay to Sequestration

Government Probe Obtains Wide Swath of AP Phone Records