Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – June 3, 2013

Bradley Manning

US Soldier Faces Trial Over WikiLeaks Disclosures

US Drones Kill Eight AQAP Fighters in Yemen Strike

Task Force to Study Drone Use in Counter Terrorism Operations

NSA Hacking Unit Targets Computers Worldwide

Amid Sequester, US Defense Stocks Still Surge

Photo: Army PCF Bradley Manning and accused WikiLeaks source.


Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – February 6, 2013

Drone BW

Secret US Detention Program Had Many Foreign Collaborators

US Military Review Backs Pre-Emptive Cyber Strikes

Obama Seen Laying Groundwork for Arms Control Push

House Progressives Pitch Military Cuts To Avert Looming Sequester

Civil Rights Lawyers Sue NYPD Over Spying on Muslims

Inside Story Americas: Will the US wage cyber war on its enemies?

At a time when policy makers in Washington are talking about cutting the size of the US military, the department of defence has signalled it is to dramatically increase the size of its Cyber Command over the next few years. Proponents of the plan argue it is a prudent response to the changing nature of 21st century warfare. They argue that in recent years cyber attacks at the behest of governments have increased in frequency and ferocity.

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – December 19, 2012


Judge Approves Warrantless Cell-Site Data in Landmark Privacy Case

FTC Demands Companies Disclose How They Gather Use Consumer Data

Lawyers Fighting NDAA Indefinite Detention Slam Congress’ Latest Decision

With a Cyberwar Quietly Taking Place in the Background

Invisibility Cloak Allows Combat Vehicles To ‘Disappear’ And Change Shape

Photo: Deep Space Station 46 by OzAdr1an.

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – November 26, 2012

Supreme Court Rejects Plea to Ban Taping of Police in Illinois

Google Transparency Report Shows Rising Trend of Government Surveillance

As Cyberwarfare Heats Up Allies Turn to US Companies for Expertise

Defense Industry Pins Hopes on SASC Chairman Levin

Defense Industry Cautiously Upbeat on Sequester