Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – June 3, 2013

Bradley Manning

US Soldier Faces Trial Over WikiLeaks Disclosures

US Drones Kill Eight AQAP Fighters in Yemen Strike

Task Force to Study Drone Use in Counter Terrorism Operations

NSA Hacking Unit Targets Computers Worldwide

Amid Sequester, US Defense Stocks Still Surge

Photo: Army PCF Bradley Manning and accused WikiLeaks source.


Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – January 23, 2013

Four AQAP Fighters Killed in Drone Strike in Northern Yemen

Pakistan Unhappy Over Reports US Drone Strikes Will Continue

Former Intel Chief Says CIA Should Not Be Allowed To Control Drone Strikes

The F-35 Could Explode In Midair If Struck By Lightning

Defense Industry Braces for Major Spending Cuts

Photo: Pararescuemen secure the area after being lowered from an HH-60 Pave Hawk during a mission in Afghanistan (Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Jonathan Snyder)