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Photo: The original hours of operation for the Queen Anne library as posted on a plaque just outside the door by Chris Blakeley


Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – March 4, 2013

Global Hawk

Pentagon’s Mad Scientists Want to Launch Killer Drones from Small Warships

DHS Considers Eavesdropping Tech for Spy Drones on Border

Army Bradley Replacement Safe from Sequestration

Pentagon Criticizes F-35 Contractors But Hands Over the Cash

Lockheed Scores Another $7 Billion To Get The Aging Raptor Into Service

US Spying on Its Own People?

There are new indications that the United States is ramping up aerial espionage activities against its own citizens. New reports by the Department of Homeland Security show that officials will be arming spy drones with new equipment that could threaten people’s privacy.

Guerrilla Blog Dispatches – March 1, 2013

Hercs in a Row

Sequestration Will Leave Pentagon Cash-Strapped But Operational

Pentagon to Make Quick Decisions on Sequester Cuts

Budget Cuts Will Mean Delays for Burials at Arlington Cemetery

F-35 Returns to Flying Status Following Engine Snafu

The Army Doesn’t Want You to See the Results of Its PTSD Probe

Photo: Six C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft line up before flying during a readiness week at Yokota Air Base, Japan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Cody H. Ramirez)

Empire – From Iraq to Mali: The Changing Calculus of War

It has been 10 years since the US-led invasion of Iraq, which marked a turning point in the West’s so-called war on terror. The pretext of the Iraq war was security and freedom, but the bombastic and openly pronounced objective was no less than remaking the greater Middle East region. For the US, Iraq became a quagmire and a humiliation – a strategic and moral failure that the country has spent the last four years trying to forget. As Africa now becomes the new front line in the ‘war on terror’, Empire asks: have the Europeans learned from America’s mistakes?

Guests: John Nagl: retired Lieutenant Colonel and co-author of US army and Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual; Jean Marie Guehenno: director of the Center of International Conflict Resolution at Columbia University and and former United Nations under secretary general for Peacekeeping Operations; Barbara Bodine: professor and former US Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen; and Christopher Hedges: Former New York Times Middle East bureau chief and author of “Empire of Illusion.”