Iraq War Drumbeat: Ten Years Later

BushThe single biggest foreign policy failure in American history may be the Iraq War. To date according to iCasulaties, 4,486 men and women in uniform have died in Iraq. According to Iraq Body Count, between 110,971 and 121,262 Iraqi civilians have died. The cost of the war, which was once estimated at $3 trillion, is now estimated at over $5 trillion. The Bush Administration and the mainstream media both colluded to manipulate the truth and lie to the American public about the reasons and motivations for going to war.

Now, a decade later the Eisenhower Study Group at Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University is documenting the Iraq War Drumbeat in the lead up to the war. Guerrilla Blog is joining the Watson Institute in documenting the two months that lead up to the invasion that would engulf the United States in a decade long war. You can follow the conversation on twitter at the hashtag #IraqWarDrumbeat. Here at the blog we will post articles and photos from those two months leading up to March 20, 2003.


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