Return of the Neocon

As the hysteria over the sequester budget cuts looms, the defense industry is waging a massive propaganda war. Now, they’ve brought in the big guns. Former Vice President Dick Cheney returned to Washington, D.C. this week to lobby on behalf of defense industry corporate interests.

As Bloomberg reports, at a private meeting with Senate Republicans this week Cheney reportedly said that the projected cuts totaling $500 billion could be “devastating” to military modernization and planning. One has to wonder if Cheney said this with any bit of irony, considering that during his service as Secretary of Defense under President George H.W. Bush he canceled some of the DOD’s most bloated weapons programs.

Additionally, Bloomberg reports that Cheney told his Republican cohorts that defense spending is “not a spigot you can turn on and turn off, that you need to keep money flowing in a predictable way so you can plan for the next war.” That’s right. “Plan for the next war.” Of course when war is profitable, you’re going to see more of it.

Read more at Inter Press Service.

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